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We are really careful in production of each detail of the product. Hand touch is still essential, so ever T you have is handcrafted by our team.

Our Products

As a factory located in Europe that has a long tradition of manufacturing of knitwear, we have developed as a “one stop shop” for your orders.


We use the highest quality cotton from Europe, committed to environmentally sustainable fabrics.


We have multiple options for your graphic ideas, giving you the options you need to express yourself.


Manually created with the use of many different threads in composition and characteristics.

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Location MK

Ljubljanska 6/76 1000 Skopje
M: +389 77 523 820
E: info@maksimus.mk

Location BE

9000 Ghent Belgium
M: +32 493 14 17 33
E: tars@maksimus.mk


M: +389 77 523 820
M: +32 493 14 17 33
E: info@maksimus.mk

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